Queue Calling System that can work with or without ticket, the TAN2GO system offers the possibility to manage one or more queues simply and efficiently. Compatible with most TV's and displays that has an HDMI input, this economical queue calling system will satisfy your needs during busy periods of your business ! 
The TAN2GO system is often used in Desjardins Credit Unions, Banks, Restaurants, Garages, Coffee Shops, Fast food Chains, Hospitals, Clinics, Supermarkets, and much more!
Mini-PC "Plug and Play" (PnP), the TAN2GO system can be installed in few minutes and is very easy to use ; Plug it with the HDMI cable provided to any TV or display, connect the TAN2GO wireless keyboard and you're done ! The customization of the advertising image can also be completed in few seconds; by inserting the USB key provided ; with your image, menu or advertisement. 
Trusted by over 20,000+ clients worldwide, since 1994.


The visitor/customer comes to the sales counter of your establishment and place an order, buying a product or require a professional service. The seller/agent assigns him a virtual number, a corresponding ticket number, an invoice number, receipt, a reservation number or any other document related to the customer order.​ 
The visitor/customer is invited to wait in a waiting room or any other place to free the counter space, the time that is order is prepared.​ When the order (professional in the case of a service) is ready, the seller/agent types the customer number on the TAN2GO USB wireless keypad. (For example, 154 + Enter)​
Please note that if the numbers follow each other, it is also possible to simply press the "+" or "-" button. The TAN2GO system can also recall the last number by pressing the "Enter" key on the USB wireless keypad.​ The number is then displayed instantly on the television / display, which also produces a sound effect if the TV is equipped with a speaker.​
The called number is displayed in large format on the upper part of the screen and flashes for 10 seconds. The customer can then pick up his order at the sales counter; or reach the consultation room in a case of professional service.​ After 10 seconds displayed, the number is automatically transferred to the called number list on the right of the TAN2GO screen. The latter contains the last 10 called numbers, which scroll up and down as soon as there are more than 4 numbers in progress.​