About us

Innovation and Excellence
ERGA is committed to driving innovation and excellence in queue management and money handling solutions. Our mission centers on providing superior quality, precision, and customer satisfaction through cutting-edge technology and services. We prioritize innovation, ensuring our solutions lead the market in efficiency and reliability.
Expanding into Multimedia Solutions
We're expanding our expertise into multimedia with our brands, TV Protec and Beartvmounts, focusing on protective TV enclosures and wall mounts. This venture reflects our dedication to diversifying our offerings while upholding high standards of integrity, sustainability, and excellence in customer service.
Customer-Centric and Collaborative
Our approach is customer-centric, tailoring solutions to exceed organizational needs while fostering strong partnerships for shared success. We aim to be a trusted partner, offering intuitive and user-friendly products that enhance operational efficiency and customer interactions.
Commitment to Quality
Quality and precision are at the forefront of everything we do. From rigorous quality control to continuous improvement, we ensure our products, including those from TV Protec and Beartvmounts, meet the highest standards. Our commitment extends beyond products to include exceptional service, supporting our clients from consultation through after-sales support.
ERGA's mission is to be the trusted partner for organizations of all sizes, providing innovative, high-quality solutions for queue management, money handling, and multimedia equipment safeguarding and mounting. We are dedicated to anticipating and meeting future challenges, ensuring our solutions remain effective, sustainable, and relevant.
Founded in 1997, ERGA initially focused on delivering superior queue management and money handling solutions, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction across a wide range of sectors, including clinics, hospitals, municipalities, banks, and financial institutions. This early phase was marked by innovation, creating systems that streamlined complex processes, offering significant value across various industries.
In addition to its core offerings, ERGA has maintained its commitment to innovation by also addressing the needs of the digital and physical asset protection market. Without deviating from its original mission, ERGA expanded its product line to include TV Protec and Beartvmounts. These additions are designed to safeguard multimedia equipment, providing security and aesthetic mounting solutions.
This comprehensive approach has solidified ERGA's reputation as a versatile and trusted partner, capable of delivering a broad spectrum of solutions. From queue management to asset protection, ERGA continues to serve a diverse clientele, ensuring operational efficiency, customer satisfaction, and the security of digital and physical assets across various settings.